Summer LOVE



Fossil Summer 2008

There is some nice wallet…
E.g. like….

-Slate Passcase, black leater with white trim 3.5”H x 4.5” WML4280100 68S$

-Gallery tote, Dark brown leather with canvas 15”L x 14.25”H x 7”D MBG8103250 288S$

Sorry I can’t find the photo for the things I saw it in Fossil magazine….

Upload others all those think I going to buy maybe….. all is nice

LOVE summer cos I don like wearing long pant jeans…. Damn hot lor wearing in SG…..
Summer is good Shorts…. Hehe =D
Contiune tomorrow Sleeping soon now....

ARGh i can't upload some of the photo argh upload tomorrow then hehe night

Money Jobs Yea

Yea got me a job at last working for Build-A-Bear Workshop as Bear Builder at (HarbourFront, Southlink Bridge of Vivo City and HarbourFront Centre)!!!

Is damn fun to work there!!! The pay is good, the people there is damn kids Lols saying that cos we must have this friendly heart aiya donno how to say out leh!!!
Just go there have a look a buy a pal home!!!
Love working for them but scare can’t do well at work!!!

If you go there remember to come hor!!! If I’m working maybe you will see me with my Husky outside the shop!!!

No Lies!!! Please!!!

I donno:

What you guys think about me?

What you guys feel about me?

How you guys look at me?

What kind of person am I?

Can please if you guys don mind cos I really don mind but just wanted to know!!!

You can just sms me about it cos really I want to know and really need to know!!!

I may get sad or happy of what you guys comment about me but just tell the true

No lies!!!

Don make fun of this, cos really thinks that is not fun or funny!!!

Sentosa outing

Nothing to comment about this outing!!!
Only can say is lots more fun than that day!!!
Sorry can't upload the photo!!!
Gay chatting!!! LOls
btw me was like last week everyday outing interview everyday going out de lor!!! haix!!!
this week i scare also like that damn tried d lor!!! last week only thurs stay at home only!!!

31/03 mon, outing!!!
01/04 tue, picnics outing!!!
02/04 wed, outing, interview!!!
03/04 thurs, stay home!!!
04/04 fri, outing & interview!!!
05/04 sat,sentosa outing!!!
06/04 sun, family outing!!!
07/04 mon interview & outing!!!
08/04 tue, stay home!!!
09/04 wed, outing!!!
10/04 thurs, OJT!!!
11/04 fri, donno yet!!!
12/04 sat, donno yet!!!
13/04 sun, end of holidays!!!
14/04 mon, SCHOOL START again!!!

500$ 500$ 500$ 500$ 500$ 500$

Haha Yea I kind of got myself a job!!! So happy don tell you guys 1st what job but you guys can be sure NOT DUCK!!! LOls!!!! WA nowadays chat with a lot of online friends lor wa so great get to know them but sian know what is all guys!!! Haix!!!
XIYUN don tell anyone about the job 1st leh okay!!! Same goes to Yong Liang!!!
Lots of blog not blog yet I know but haix ya very the sian leh!!!
Knowing that my English not very good like grand asshole blogging I know that!!! Lol!!!


Btw about the job I kind of working but haven start yet a bit scare lor
You must:
Like kids
Be a child at heart
When you chat must be cute cute one omg sometimes I think I hard lor!!!
Something like Honey of a Career!!!
Donno what to say but will try my very best!!!!

Remember in you heart!!

Always thinks of others before you
Think what your friends has done, what you have done don just give a face and like you are always right others sure wrong!!! Think hard before you say or do something you never know they will do something behind your back!!!
And one sunny day, you will be alone then you will realize that all you once had is gone.
Remember your friends will stay if you don betray or lie!!!
As the poem say!!!

I Really Need A Job Now!!!!

Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs
hmm... damn nice lor the cap But i don like wear them they sometimes maybe nice not going to buy but if got lots of money maybe can think about it!!! haha
btw saw a bag today at pull and bear OMG it was damn not damn la is nice lor!!! ALSO maybe buying erm not maybe is if got 80$ now SURE buy one haha!!!!
what to say what to blog don have the mood this few days cos of lots of things happening around me not around me is on me happening on me donno what i can do
hmm maybe his was right can think about it if

(*** *** **** *** *** ***** ** ***** ***** **
i'll try i'll give the best ** *** **** ** **********!!!)
know you guys thinking of what i want to say right just can't let you guys know now
but if it happen will tell you guys about what all ******S at the top means!!!! hehe!!!
What to say what to say???
sorry guys maybe can't go sentosa with you guys this coming sat 5th april!!! sorry but is maybe only!!! but is about 70% can't sorry again as i say now a days lots things happen hope you guys will understand!!! sorry&thanks but still got 30% going ma i'' try my best to go la!!!
HOPE Can Get A Jobs ASAP!!!

April Fool, 1st April Outing!!!

Donno What To Say!!! AND Can't Say!!!

Thanks to Xiindii!!!!

Thanks to Xiindii for inviting us to her Brother 21st Birthday Party it was so damn fun to be with their family a lot happen haha they can use our name leh as hyper madness family haha LOls… not shy to tell you guys but this is the best Birthday Party I have ever been till now!!! Is a lot fun then I thought!!!

To xindi:
Thanks XIINDII please do invite us again if there is anymore these kinds of party if can hehe!!!
Btw also can’t wait till your 21st Birthday Party what will it be!!! Haha LOL!!! sorry xiindii i can't reply your friendster comment as my com can't get into some of the friendster page!!! sorry about that!!! will add you one asap!!! hehe!!!

Can’t blog out some feelings keep to me the best!!!

Still have to thanks xiindii and her family again haha!!!

Donno what to blog now cos feel of sleepy OMG sian!!! Btw today know what time I wake up??? 8 plus leh early right!!! Haha!!! LOL….

btw happy 21st birthday to her brother!!!
and a cake for her brother!!!
and he don look like he's 21 years old lor more to be like 19 or so!! haha!!!


I really can’t take it anymore he will never to know others that is hard for them to do this or that!!! Everyone will have one thing that they are good at!!! 1st I wanted to try the O’level math exam but I started to get a bit stress about the new topic from math and I was also thinking of my course there is kind of like two exam I don really know how to do it!!! I can’t take it anymore ok I’m a loser quit halfway sorry to everyone!!! But I do this because I don one to fail BOTH of it!!!

I donno what is he think about!!!

Thanks guys!!!

Hey know some of you guys is link from the website thinking of that you’ll see fashion stuff here!!! Sorry but I only blog fashion stuff when I’m free to do so!!! Will be blogging fashion stuff later on!!! Now kind of busy…
Btw thanks for visiting my blog!!!
Ohya btw the website "a man fashion blog" is kind of usefull website for some stuff!!!

Big blog!!! hehe ^_^

OMG I can’t wait till that day!!! 1st April, April fools day!!!
And March 31st OMG…

Btw starting to hate O’level math lesson & the teacher!!! Suck they don ever know how to teach!!! Bullshit!!!

When is the outing with NY0801R outing friends???
Please don tell me that is on March 31st lor!!!
But go out leh need money also lor need a job now right in this sec now!!!
WTH haix!!!

Holidays sian study also sian what to do!!!
Why all stay so far away haix if not free then free boring can go near by play bball, chat and talk cock!!! Haix!!!

Hmm also nothing to wear for the next outing trip leh how???

Maybe can ask them that outing trip to:
Bird Park!!!
More & more…
Lots of place to go together!!!

Hehe siao leh keep thinking of going out!!! Haix!!!
Very boring lor at home!!! Haix!!! WTH WTF!!! Haha Lols
Use com so what big meh!!!
Play long also sian!!!

What to do anyone tell me please!!!
I can’t sleep well!!!
Bored of eating!!!
Lazy & tried of breathing!!!
How to save me from myself!!!
Help Guys!!!


OMG it was kinda of fun that day!!! Lots & lots of things happen but haix is hard to blog it out my heart the best is join us in our next hyper outing!!! "top madness kids" LOL!!!
Ohyaya going for Picnics don tell you when but if you one tag at my tagbox 1st!!!