Summer LOVE



Fossil Summer 2008

There is some nice wallet…
E.g. like….

-Slate Passcase, black leater with white trim 3.5”H x 4.5” WML4280100 68S$

-Gallery tote, Dark brown leather with canvas 15”L x 14.25”H x 7”D MBG8103250 288S$

Sorry I can’t find the photo for the things I saw it in Fossil magazine….

Upload others all those think I going to buy maybe….. all is nice

LOVE summer cos I don like wearing long pant jeans…. Damn hot lor wearing in SG…..
Summer is good Shorts…. Hehe =D
Contiune tomorrow Sleeping soon now....

ARGh i can't upload some of the photo argh upload tomorrow then hehe night

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