Levi's 29 January 2008

-Hi Mr. Chai again…haha
-Leonard and Wei Xiong playing Chinese chess…
-Haha Leonard say play with him hor wa sian can sleep lor haha damn slow haha... and he say play very slow never mind but still sing more donno what haha….
-I think don one join badminton leh very sian lor…..
-Then CCA just Snooker can leh haha…..
-Plus the O’level Lesson…hee but that one not CCA leh haix….
-Hey anyone got this song??? Hwang jini de song "Na Bbeun Sa Ram" If got send me ar PLEASE!!! by email, msn also can.... If don have help me find PLEASE then send me….

-Ohya aiya delete the photo leh sian very funny lor as wei xiong sitting on Raymond that part….. you guys all know right which part!!!!! LOL
-OOo went tampine mall, levi's shop & levi Strauss siganture bought one T-shirt from each shop with 20%...hee total about 68$$ not expensive right.... don let you guys see what t-shirt i bought haha.....
-tmr morning going eat with classmate meet 7.30AM sian....

paiseh lor 28 January 2008

-Hey btw a lot people call me Kai Jie lor sian dian my name KUN not kai okay remember ar you guys… erm not a lot la only two haha….
-Walao wei xiong kanna bully by girl not paiseh ar haha
-Lionel talk talk on phone with who?? Don scare la just use only….
-Leonard wa you eat a lot ar???
-whose butt???? Is……….. Mr chai butt haha
-Mr chai again…..
-BTW WA today paiseh lor see wrong thought after break is mr chai lesson then gong gong go B05-07 wait den is like Aa why no people one ar??? PAISEH till like what lor….
-Went to the class all is like…. Wa where can go wrong class one….they all is like laughing at ME lor sian……

-BTW donno why alot leonard photo ar haha!!!

Big Girls Don`t Cry (Personal) 27 January 2008

OMG this song is so wow power nice love it......
'Big Girls Don`t Cry (Personal) - Fergie'

OHYA btw i PASS my O'level math entrance test leh......
start class at 15 February 2008 yea......

Yesterday.....26 January 2008

-Yesterday went the CCA snooker I know how to play but at the saw some pro den me is like forgot anything leh den Gordon, theng theng, siok eng they donno ma den call them teach lor wa not bad learn abit about the proper way to play but but the CCA need pay money one lor 1hrs 3$ okay la not very expensive btw we play for 5hrs haha
- Before that in class taking some photo of them without them knowing……kind of funny haha……
- I’m still SICK haix…. Getting more jialat leh….
- I got my W910i good leh…..but now still donno how to use sony phone donno how change this change that, do this do that………. Haix……..
-btw later going out with family to chinatown SIAN….haha

NAPFA 24 January 2008

Okay la not bad but donno will pass or not leh haha.....
Others can fail never mind BUT NOT 2.4
Others can redo but not 2.4
Please God HELP ME AR okay haha
YEA changing phone leh to sony ericsson W910i haha so happy....
1st time use sony ericsson phone.....
Hmm one change my sony MP3 earpiece also leh but don one buy too expensive one haha....

HAHA...... 23 January 2008

-Not very boring today….
-Bought my Men’ Health magazine
-Leonard pleases la delete my photo from your blog leh NOT nice lor…..
-HAHA never mind I also got his photo hehe….. I very good at taking funny funny photo one hor my class last time also I take those funny photo of them one haha plus also got the friendster lor http://profiles.friendster.com/48304659 haha LOL........
-The horse photo is they sing acappella not bad but lame lor haha….
-Today feel SO miss Mrs Soong, Miss Chin lor and also ALL my HSS friends…..MISS YOU GUYS…..

Leonard watching PORN see till so happy......Same with our LLA teacher both horny

Ohya!!! 22 January 2008

OMG what they doing!!! LOL

haha they just.... erm... i also donno leh haha they just send me haha......

haix nothing much today also a very sian day haha....... hmm ya nothing much.... good night guys........ i think after chinese new year think going to blog only weekly...... haix

BTW what phone to choose leh......

I am Sick!!!! 21 January 2008

Damn sian one.......
Not feel well i'm sick!!! cry......
Thurs napfa la how???
Tmr got badminton sick how to play???
BTW what phone nice ar as in also must good to use la....
Sony Ericsson, Nokia.......
Touchscreen Smartphone, Slider Phone, Filp Phone, Stick/ Candy bar Phone which one better leh???
Touchscreen smartphone like very nice right??? think if i got MONEY then buy haha.......
Sony Ericsson W350i or K660i which phone leh???

Twins............. 20 January 2008

Which twins more look alike???
Vote!!! now....


Me think is (1) & (2)

LOL........... 19 January 2008

Heart of Greed 溏心風暴, Cantonese Drama Series..........

this drama is like WOW damn power lor you can rewatch and watch again hor still very nice one..... btw don change the dual sound to chinese learn cantonese is more nice when you watch with cantonese dual sound donno den subtitle make it english lor haha.....
LOVE IT........
boring when to friendster search for my classmate friendster....Guess what found them HAHA.... okay lame as xiyun haha lol..........

Not bad........... 18 January 2008

幸せな第17 誕生日 Mei QI wishing her all the best….. And a cake for her…… hee

Entrance test for O'level Math okay la not really very hard also not really very easy haha...........100 i think i will get 64 only haha die....... hee

WOW...............17 January 2008

Today not bad! The class not really very boring ar some funny funny things going on

Oo there is twins brother in our class donno why but like to meet twins cause is like so fun donno how to tell la!!!
Fahimah, Fahimah
Shikin, Azreen

Hmm just now there were two classmate not new very less see them but they did come for some lesson the some is the one week 4days they came for only 2 lesson lor i was thinking of why are they still here leh? Should be out me the course ma! Don like them much haha... Btw when they came in all is like hang there and look at them till they sit down lor haha very funny...... I mean look not I only is ALL plus the teacher very funny! Cause Mr. Chai the face....Lol Ohya know what our class now is like 40 to 50 student leh lor very big class

Friends From Sengkang Yea 15 January 2008

Hmm….. hmm…. Well well well…..
Haix NAPFA again sian lor in me is like robot now lor haha……
Run 2 round around the track in3.3mins is like 2/3 died leh lor haha
Me got lousy stamina meh one to train also lazy lor haix…..lol
Jogging/running 2.4km in 12mins only me also can’t!! SIAO LA

Me need improving my physical fitness by exercise and diet
Exercise still can but diet leh cannot la me sometime eat a lot sometime don eat at all one lor siao one me haha

Walao wei the teaching is like pri 1 one lor reading of the meter! Is like shit! You all i like also can do it in about 30s lor but she teach till like she is teaching A’ level things lor! Siao one!

Hey hey hey lazy to blog one but the lesson is totally sian..... Hmm the class in fun, a bit siao siao one.....

Haiz! Those Chinese guy some is like....... like to make fun of people one! Haiz why got those guys haiz though is like only Malay only does that! Sorry to the Malay ar!

Hmm today yea got a classmate same same at Sengkang one don play play leh hey Sengkang gang you know.... Lol haha Next time get to know him more den can go school and back home together leh yea.... Haha so happy! But the thing is donno his name yet haha :-)

Hey is like me alone playing badminton lor no friends to play cause is like need friends to play along one den scare to ask them leh! Btw they were like kind of good player lor! Haiz! Den got the very goods one there wa sian lor!

Haha wa long time never play badminton leh still very fun!! Haha

Sorry about my blog is part by part one like no link for some one..........

luck luck all to me 14 January 2008

Wish me luck and all the best in the O'level math entrance test this friday!!!!

I Try & I Try 13 January 2008

I feel alone
Like no one's there
No one to phone
No one to care
Why I feel this way
I do not know
Nothing to say
Nothing to show
I try to hide it
So you won't see
What I feel like
When your not with me
One day, I know
It'll be fine
But I hope I don't let go
Before that time
Don't give up on me
I promise I'll try
I just want you to see
Where the truth really lies
Call me insane
If that's what you want to do
But who's to blame
For what I go through?
I blame myself
For everything
No one else
Just me
There I go again
Putting me down
I wish I could pretend
Not to frown
I want to be happy
I don't want to cry
I want to be happy
So I try & I try

My Target!!! 12 January 2008


My target for this 2 year is ite GPA all get at least 3.5
CCA badminton point some thing like GPA also must at least get 0.2
Then O’level Math donno can get in or not cause they need at least a grade 3 in GCE N (T) examination and pass the qualifying test, then my math only got grade4 HAIX “cry out loud” hope can register lor never mind if I’m alone now hope can get in only lor please “LIM CHOON GWEE, WARREN the coordinator” cause I’ll do my very best one!!!! if can apply in I’ll pass by at least grade2 or 3….

After ITE if graduates with GPA of 3.5 and above, I’ll apply for progression to the first year of a related diploma course at the poly
No no no not if, is MUST graduate with 3.5 and above…….

BTW 2nd year of my ite taking (Lighting & Sound)……

Sorry to my parent I should have done well in my N’level but…..SORRY……. I did regret about it but I know that’s too late…… Ya is like this song “Apologize by Onerepublic” is too late to apologize!!! i will do my best from now on!!!!

Sorry设法做de my very best in my N'level
但从现在我hui change我的attitude in studies…
Just give me sometime......

Badminton training!!! 11January 2008

aiyaya yaya........LOL
Training days
every tuesday 5 to 7pm SIAO ar.....
every friday 2 to 4.30 also siao la!!!!
maybe not going on friday cause going taking O'level Math classes then is on every friday 2 to 5pm start from february.....
hmm how how how
BTW any one join me leh!!!!

Lack of sleeping!!!! 10 January 2008

Wa sian today went to meet kah hao to lend badminton racket wow he very good right as he say TAN brothers ma haha……then chat a lot about ITE…..

Then take Mrt to college meet Jia Jie chat a bit before go class haix they say they going back HSS tomorrow haix not me like cannot leh cause got badminton selection cause CCA want join Badminton Club hee…..haix I think start at 2pm but sian me end at 12pm lor still must wait 2hrs….. plus cannot go back HSS with them…... WA argh!!!!!


argh!!! 9 January 2008

Hmm 9-1-08 today start class leh but very bored ar the teach all like pri school things sian...... Kind of sian cause today den at 5 wa so late lor! Then tomorrow going to meet kah hao lend from him the badminton racket cause cca taking badminton scare they need it then kind of no money buy now so lend 1st lor haiz me so poor thing still have to lend! Haha... hmm David went for interview today den tomorrow den know can get in or not Zhen Wei got the school he one leh good xi yun we smsing den ask whether one to meet sat or not donno leh very sian HAIZ my day full of sms lor every time sms people lor me erm... Classmate I think should be not bad one la hope so la.... But for some lor!

Start of ITE Life....7 January 2008

WA….. Start of my ITE life today… take bus 27 miss 2 bus cause too full den at last the bus came but slow like ass lor haha….. start school at 9am thought late leh cause is about 8.55am den take cab there WALAOWEI CHEE BYE S$7.30 FUCK FUCK FUCK…. A lot happen today but too lazy recall………
Blog next time okay when not tired…..haix haven make new friend leh haha……

Happy Birthday David 6 January 2008

Sis if you read this blog pls don tell mum or dad i ate the haagen-dazs Ice Cream thanks...hee
Happy 17th Birthday David wishing you all the best also…..
And a cake for him…… hee

Haix went out today with Jia Jie only haix….
Went to bought his Crumpler backpack 169$ “The Yee-Ross”
Not bad but he think a bit small but nice la!!!

Then as he want we went Centerpoint Haagen Dazs to have Ice Cream and Iced Latte total 52$ walao expensive lor plus the service there sucks then we order 2Waffle Dream, 2Iced Café Latte but the bills came out 1 Cafe latte, 1 iced Café latte wa save about 0.60cent haha I know la nothing only WA no money leh la don ask me out leh….hee
BTW the iced café latte also sucks lor…..

Then we went to find choon hua at PS Coldwear…. Chat chat

After that went to watch the Alien VS Predator 2 okay ~~ la not bad……..

End movie say bye bye then went to meet family at Bugis there sis bought the O2 phone donno…… lazy to blog leh la!!! Sian tomorrow start school leh haix……all the best to me…. Hee

What can you make with a Penis and Pussy???? 5 January 2008

Today is Shaun 17th Birthday
So wishing him all the best here….
Plus a cake for him….hee

Hmm…..today also never went out haix sian lor plus Monday start school leh…..
Tomorrow going out with Jia Jie only I think so donno la he say one ma how I know maybe he got ask more people…. See lor because he wants to buy school bag from Crumpler, backpack…..and buy new clothes for chinese new year...me buy shorts leh now just need t-shirt now!!!

What can you make with a Penis and Pussy??? dun be sensitive and enjoy a lil penis and pussy.......

so what can u make out of a penis and pussy?????

iWood for iPhone 4 January 2008

iWood nano2, iWood 5g, iWood for iPhone
Wow now iPod with the wood cover wow nice lor
iPod, iPod nano not so nice but for iPhone walao donno how to say visit the website yourself…. http://www.miniot.com/
damn nice right???
Hey guys if you have iPod, ipod nano, iPhone fast order
Is expensive but can la about iPhone 170$, iPod 200$, ipod nano 180$
For the cover….. Okay ya la is very expensive but still okay very nice damn style lor…...
Worldwide shipping by FedEx or Mail

Acne on the back??? 3 January 2008

How can I get rid of the acne on my back?

You can't beat bacne--stress and hormones cause it--but you can make it harder for it to flourish. "Acne is caused by a combination of dead skin cells, skin oil, and bacteria," says Dr. Sobel. Start by wearing a moisture-wicking underlayer to keep sweat away. After you finish a workout, scrub your back with antibacterial soap. If you're really plagued, try using a soap with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid--it'll soak up excess oil. Then apply benzoyl peroxide to fight off the bacteria.

Haix today went simei ITE to take the colour recognition test okay not bad 12 out of 15 correct,
photo taking for the student Ez-link card,
and purchase of my uniforms....
walao went there still must completed bio-data form, student health declaration form and application form for GIRO very sian lor.........

haix haix haix.............

Runway Modeling Tips 2 January 2008

Wa just reading about how to be runway model is like wow!! Is cool but not easy lor

Male Model
Height about 180 to 187cm
Weight about 64 – 75kg

Female Model
Bust - waist - hips
34-24-34 inches
A least 173 cm
Average weight 50kg
Your eyes should be focused straight ahead of you

Your chin should be down slightly while runway modeling

Your shoulders need to stay still as you walk

Your arms should only swing as much as your body makes them

Always remember to have your hands open with your fingers nearly totally straightened. Not totally straight (you don't want to look like a robot), but out enough to be visible.

Men just need to walk natural but take longer strides instead of having 1.5 feet increase it to 2.5 to 3 feet
Women need to also take longer strides, but they need to walk with one foot in front of the other.

Stand straight up, with your shoulders back. No hunching!

Main key for modeling is confidence

The New Year has arrived!!! 1 January 2008

  • The New Year has arrived and resolutions have been made.
  • The bowl games are now ending for best ones will now be played.
  • People are getting ready to make this year the best.
  • May everything go better so no one gets depressed.
  • May your resolutions be filled and all your dreams come true.
  • Let good fortune bless you in the things that you pursue.
  • And may you add to your friends both old and those so new.
  • And may they always be there to let you know their love is true

ERm what you want for your New Year???

For me i don need a lot leh.....

Just want sponsors to sponsor my everything in my life!!!hee