Argh... What The Fuck!!!!

My Time Table for this few months

Monday: School from 9am to 5pm

Tuesday: CCA 9am to 12pm, School 12pm to 5pm

Wednesday: School 8am to 5pm

Thursday: School 12pm to 4pm

Friday: School 8am to 12pm, O’level Math 2pm to 5pm

Saturday: Nothing just waiting to be died!!!

Sunday: Nothing just waiting to be died!!!

SIAN right this type of time table


HAIX at school sian at home also sian what to do leh!!! Feel like finding job leh den can study study study & work work work everyday till very late den early morning wake up for school after school work every day full of things to do, to complete….. it will be damn fun damn cool lor!!!
What JOB to find leh????
DEN need to be near my house or school one!!!
Pay must be damn good also must be easy to be done!!! HAHA den that will be hard to find that type of JOB right haha!!! SIAN.... ^_^


Donno what to say just Happy BIRthday girl girl……
Ohya 7teen leh getting older older leh!!!
OLD girl HAHA LOL!!! Lao zha bor haha
Nothing much take care friends forever!!!
Cake for you!!!

Vivo for movie!!!!

Nothing much but still have to say i'm SORRY jacky about my mood that make you don feel like watching movie SORRY.... hehe!!!! : ) The MOVIE we watched : jumper damn cool and nice wish i also got that type of power..... but the movie make me a bit sick cos jump here jump there haha!!!! LOL... the movie still not very good la cos as i think good movie must can make you cry...... this is what i think la!!! haha LOL

My Online Nickname!!!

"""Lincoln Tan Kun Jie"""
Cool right!!!!

A lot happen.......

Ya a lot happen but lazy to blog haha
Is so fun everyday Yea!!!!
LOVE you guys haha.........

Done with Prison Break but waiting for Season 3 Episode 13...........
now starting Heroes but only at Season 1 Episode 2 SIAN the video load VERY the slow loR........
but now think going to stop tv-drama start MOVIE "P.S I Love You", " Jumper", " Juno", "27 Dresses", "Atonement", "Ah Long PTE LTD", "CJ7" A LOT MORE......

Daren Tan Shi Wei......

"Ming Tian Wo Bu Hui Yi Ran Ai Ni" & "Yi Luo" this two songs need to download!!!!anyone have this two songs SEND me ar!!!!! PLEASE & thanks

C**ing..........10 feb 2008

Prison Break, Season 3 Episode 5 now yea is about to end so SAD that sara was died….. :(

erm..... i got a lot to say out but i just can't...... i really need to talk to someone I trust but i just don have one!!!!!!

3 in one...........

WOW now watching Prison Break damn cool cause I still at Season 1 Episode 1 power right haha….. Walao thanks to Yao Zhong tell me the website for English movie and tv show…. But wa sian tmr got school at 9am need wake up early but I still one to watch leh cause whenever I watch those show or drama online one right I can’t stop watching them till I really have to stop I will keep watching it one lor haha…don need sleep also can one haha……
After Prison Break, next will be “Heroes”, “Smallville”, “OC, The”, more & more…HAHA LOL
Wa saw back this blog forgot to publish out sian haha but never mind
Btw Prison Break me now in Season 2 Episode 4 YEA fast right haha

Haha CNY is like so weird….. Donno why but is just VERY WEIRD……..

Prison Break, Season 2 Episode 12 now leh yea…….btw damn nice lor

Survivor Micronesia....

Survivor Micronesia
More yea survivor is back plus very some of my favorites yea
Like Amanda, Parvati, Ozzy, James…… wow love the 4 of them….btw is was like so shock & crazy cause Parvati is with James & Amanda with Ozzy now I don know that izzit they are playing for the million dollar or just coming to find a relationship….haha
Den the survivor show get me more excited, energetic, crazy about it is like faster Friday faster Friday then Friday leh right be like faster 11pm faster 11pm, then when the show started and about to end it will be don end so fast don end so fast….. HAHA LOL I think getting mad about SURVIVOR……

CNY........ 7 February 2008

“Gong Hei Fat Choy” “Gong Xi Fa Cai” ang bao come come haha no la LOL
Hey guys is today!!! The big day that we get our ANG BAO haha LOL yea!!! Haha…..
Happy Lunar New Year to you….. may you be happy & healthy always ….. long life & best in everything you do best of luck in the auspicious year

Direct Translating……sorry haha
Top (Horizontal across): Whole Earth Returns Spring
Left (Vertical) line: Winter gone mountain clear water sparkles
Right (Vertical) line: Spring comes bird sings flower fragrant

CNY is coming...... 1 February 2008

Argh……WHO GOT THE Hwang jin yi de song "Na Bbeun Sa Ram”

Went CCA Pool again play for about 3hr plus not bad leh get to know more how to play and getting to be like pro leh haha…..

Hey sure you guys heard of Edison Chen and Gillian Chung & other two more sex photos right haix donno why leh Erm, the person who hacked Edison's comp/hp must have gotten very angry with him or so la. I feel like very bad for Edison lor haha….. But who ask they sex still one take photo haha but good for the fans of Edison and Gillian lor get to see their parts………haha LOL

Walao very sian leh…. CNY is like so what also nothing one lor….. is like for the one day OH happy new year, happy new year your ang bao they give give give we take take take then OH bye bye happy new year ar see you all next year bye bye…. Walao like that also can one lor damn sian…..
Plus all they will ask/say is for me la:
-WA Soooo tall leh ar!!!! For me is like heehee ya lor
-Taking O’level this year ma??? My ans: no me now in ITE now leh HAHA…..
-What course ar….. electrical technology
-OO good good…… me will be like dian….don one say la sian
-Donno this year they will ask or not??? Got GF mah??? HAHA
-Wish they will ask me got money mah if no I give you okay HAHA wish they will say that….

BTW lazy to upload the photo i take.....