Time flies so fast one year about to gone… 31 December 2007

Wishing you guys a new year that’s
Sparkling with fun….
Bursting with joy….

& crackling with laughter…Happy New Year!!!A New Year :
-To leave the old with a burst of song;
-To recall the right and forgive the wrong;
-To forget the things that bind you fast
-To the vain regrets of the year that's past;
-To have the strength to let go your hold
-Of the not worth while of the days grown old;
-To dare go forth with a purpose true,
-To the unknown task of the year that's new;
-To help your brother along the road,
-To do his work and lift his load;
-To add your gift to the world's good cheer,
-Is to have and to give a Happy New Year!!

Hey look my new bedsheet nice???
But walao very tried lor changing it!!!
You say single bed or super single okay la…
But my is Queen Size lor wa siao la!!!!
Very tried everytime when I change it haix…

Penis, Men’s health 30 December 2007


~The hopefully long, solid muscle that men have as a part of the reproduction process
~something women can't live without
~some refer to it as the PEN15 club

The life of a Penis
-Hangs around with 2 nuts all the time
-Next door neighbor is a real asshole
-Has a head he can't think with
-An eye he can't see out of
-His best friend is a pussy
-Every time he gets excited he throws up
-And worst of all his owner beats him

A)The envy of all men!
B)The only reason women keep us around.
C)The reason we wake up with black eyes, and are sitting in county jail.
D)The reason I never got my homework done.

A)"Damn my penis is large, maybe I should go buy a Ferrari."
B)"Damn your penis is large...(I've never really heard this, so I dont know what comes next)."
C)"Damn my penis is large, maybe I should get too drunk and fight."
D)"Damn my penis is large, maybe I should not do my homework because my penis will definitely get me a good job when I'm older...right?"

By girls…..
1. The thing that makes or breaks a relationship.
2. The thing easily replaced with my showerhead.
3. The thing that makes me wanna puke if it's under 5 inches...or over 11.
4. The most disgusting, addictive part on the male body.

1. Can I see your penis before I say "I love you."?
2. Who needs a penis when I can masturbate all night?
3. Omg ow your 12 inch penis is going in my uterus.
4. This is so gross but I can't stop sucking your penis.

Huh donno what all this about LOL search from Urban Dictionary……….haha but very funny leh the life of a penis!!!LOL
From Men’s health……..
Chipper ticker
Not all junk food is bad. Eating corn and tortilla chips fried in corn oil that’s high in polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) could be good for your heart. A study published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition put participants under three different diets: low fat snacks (fat-free cookies and low-fat cereal bars), high-fat snacks (chocolate bars and buttered popcorn), and the PUFA-rich corn and tortilla chips. Those on diet high in PUFA showered a greater drop on LDL (bad) and total cholesterol. This led researchers to conclude that chips fried in corn ail was a simple way to ingest PUFAs without including saturated or trans fats into the diet.

Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFA)
LDL = Bad Cholesterol
HDL = Good Cholesterol
From Men’s health……..
A drink for Stiffs
Pomegranate juice may be an effective erection elixir. When doctors at UCLA asked patients with mild erectile dysfunction to drink 227g of pomegranate juice every day for a month, almost half of the men reported having harder and longer-lasting erections. Pomegranate juice’s potent antioxidant content – higher that that of any other fruit beverage – increases erection-inducing blood flow to the penis by eliminating plaque build in the arteries.
Haix but for me I don think I need to drink la….. Haha!!!

Nothing today leh……
Got haha LOL very funny one me at school boring ma then shikin say one to make class video den me and her taking funny photo about the class walao very bad right…haha
But is fun la…… showing you some of the photo…..oh also can visit our class friendster.com http://profiles.friendster.com/48304659 more photo in the friendster.com…. hee
Plz la
Fun miss tong
hurry up lei Alson teacher comin liao la....
(Qi Qi) ah lian pose
(David Lim) Playin alone this to most funny one walao playing alone with the donno what thing

(Hidayat) his sleep pattern

Madam lee come on don sing le la

Part one - meryvn i love you

Part two- Jun xian just wan to let you know i & meryvn nth de cause i only love you.......

Part three - don leave jun xian....

haix why izzit Gay??? 29 December 2007

Hey guys who is your favorite “Movie star” & “Singer”

Leonardo DiCaprio
Mariah Carey

Holidays Movie
The Aviator - 1 Jan 2008 10PM
[Channel 5]
Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Cate Blanchett, Kate Beckinsale, John C. Reilly
Must SEE!! cause is by Leonardo DiCaprio my favorite!! Hee

OMG 9more days to my ITE life…haix a bit sian…..

Should cow wear bra???
Oo is just a test of our creativity!!!
Wow very good idea right…..hehe
Btw thanks (Keong) for tell me!!! Hee…

Haha morning fall boring so went to visit LAO ZHA BOR blog!!!
Haha wow Director Jack Neo gave her the nokia6500 phone for her birthday wa he got so good meh??? Haha… btw that’s her 69th Birthday!!!

8.30am watched the “chong chong” child show….. They will like saying about the Snail then I was like thinking whether the snail they got brain for thinking or not!!! Haha LOL

Yea!! DAD got upgraded…. I mean promote la haha…. To CES(YCO) donno what is that haha but is better then the 1st one la!!!

Went Suntec City, Marina Square, CityLink Mall…. Shopping & Dinner

In Mrt haix I was like very tired so take a nap lor then my head was like swing left to right walao siao la almost hit the uncle beside me lor with my head leh… hee so ashamed lor….. sorry ar uncle….

erm wa there is one kid at the mrt siao one cause is like he cry for nothing lor erm… cry or shout donno le just siao one la….

When getting out of the mrt to take bus is raining outside lor sian haix….but kind of stop in about 10min siao siao one also lor….

Den shop shop shop……

Bought some snack Auntie Anne's Almond Pretzel with the caramel dip
Raise a toast to our pretzel coated with toasted almonds, raise it high. Then dunk it down in a Caramel Dip wow NICE…. S$3.10

[If the word "dipilicious" isn't in the dictionary, it should be. Right next to a picture of Auntie Anne's Caramel Dip. The Almond Pretzel's preferred sidekick.]

Just don buy the Original one cause for me think not nice one leh!!! Donno you all la!!!
Cause for me I think got a bit bitter bitter taste…..

When walking to Marina Square saw a couple Gay they was like helping each other massage then feeling each other face temperature lor….. hee kind of not weird not donno how to say haha!!! Ar excited feel like following them see how is like to be gay haha….LOL

Mum bought flip-flops 23$ & Nike t-shirt 44.5$ think so…..

Nothing shop leh then have le dinner went back home!!!!

Chatting with Cresentia in MSN chat about the course saying about her Chemical Process Technology can play with chemicals then later boom fun….
Then say my also can Electrical Technology boom boom but end up in hospital only ma cause hers only boom till face black black haha!!!! LOL lor

MPH – Bookstores
Hey guys FREE L’OREAL PARIS MEN EXPERT hydra energetic anti-dullness moisturizing gel cream worth 19.90$ with every purchased of “torque” magazine.
While stocks last. Exclusively at MPH Raffles City and CityLink Only

Hey hey hey watch this gay video blog talking about gay marriage!!!

This too funny also by gay haha!!! wonder why they one to be haix..... izzit when they sex is Cock and not Pussy Ba the feeling la!! haix haha!! Oh for this video fast forward to 2.36 watch till 4.50 that part is my most like part haha.......

you also can visit his website too http://www.ryaneaton.com.au/.........

Haix....... 28 December 2007

Went compasspoint today went there to pay my ITE course fee but donno why can’t yet!! Then mum saw a pair of shorts for dad and bought for him S$30.10……from G2000blu

bought the Soya milk from Mr bean…….

A Cure for Cholesterol!!
Five all natural foods that can help rein in out-of-control cholesterol…


Soya beans


Fish (Salmon)

Fabulous tan
Sun Tan Studios
[Show Your True Colours]
Free trial tan (no purchase terms)
With the coupon la!!!
[Please be sure to answer accurately to avoid the risk of burning
Just have to apply sun tanning lotion….]

Is the Holiday50 Solarium…
Still got free membership card free….
Hmm maybe going cause free ma!!!
Then see lor if the sun tanning 1session not expensive den maybe going lor if about less than S$50 I think okay one la…… but must see after the tanning result good or not la……

Chat with fifi (Theng Theng) in msn about who going what course??? Haha

Oh Siok Eng same course as me…..wish to be same class la cause scare alone ma… haha

Tomorrow going out shopping and dinner with family going Suntec city……haix everyday go out also will sian one lor why Singapore SO Small haix….

Wow a lot people choose Chemical Process Technology now still got Ain, Fathima, Pei Shan!!!!
Rafhan………… Service Skills (Tourism)

Haha suddenly Kah Hao Sms ask me to find out whether who going Bukit Batok college!!! Cause he kanna there ma haha!!! But ask leh like no one lor haix….
Wa Men’s Health Magazine say is free 2008 calendar!! But the price increase by S$1 lor still says FREE siao siao one……

Come Back Soon Ae! 回来吧!顺爱 Wow very nice drama lor…. funny but sad very nice love it!!!

Very High mood today....27 December 2007

Yea!! Yong Liang going with us today…
Meeting him and Zhen Wei about 3.30pm should be meet 5pm at Vivo de, then they say too late cause Xi Yun end her work at 5 ma then come meet us watch movie and dinner….
Vivo city again haix……sian lor went there to many time le till is like my 2nd home lor …haha you ask me which shop at where at where I also know very well….

About 12.20AM suddenly Xi Yun in MSN ask me whether my stead XuMin izzit!!!! No la she is my old classmate in primary school….donno what she is thinking asking of!!! Haha……

Haix….. What to do now??? Boring……
Waiting for time to fly…….

Online last min change with Zhen Wei now meet at Plaza Sing (PS) at 3pm meet more early cause got more shop to shop so need more time!!!! Haha…….
Haix I know why leh why he one to meet there!!! Cause he going there to play the arcade basketball game!!! Siao one lor cause is like S$1 each game you get nothing but just the score…. Haix…. Told him so many time save up the money $1 $1 save up……… 36 $1 you can get a topman T-shirt lor haix…..he just don one to listen……

Sales wait for me!!!

Roy siao one lor call me so late, late never mind if I’m still awake but just now was me about to sleep le going in the dream le den the phone rang Siao la! Now can't sleep le la thanks to Roy..... Walao Wei.... What so important call me at that time? If not very important you going to die le next time call me in the morning ma....now 2.45 about to 3AM LE you know!

About time le then Yong Liang called and say he’ll be a bit late cause he one to wait for the ite letter to post in…..den okay so told Zhen Wei change meeting time to 3.15pm told him not to be late but haix still late even Yong Liang came le he still one the way make me wait so long lor….. Very hot out there so went into the mall still can’t take it so went to Starbucks to get a Venti Frappuccino Vanilla Cream…. Wa siao la S$6.80 lor…
Btw what yours favorite Starbucks drink?

My: Iced Vanilla Latte!!!

At last he came about 3.35PM went to foodcourt as Zhen Wei was hungry while he was eating there is one family with the kids pushchair with a kid on it then there was a kind of very heavy bag hanging back there and it fell backward the kid is like crying le lor they still like laughing what a fucking parents chee bye lor!!! And know what later fell 2nd time walao wei…. What parents was that plus the father is like nothing happen when his kid fell he just looked down like that also NEVER help lor!!!! Siao one!!!
Oh ya saw Choon Hua working at coldwear..... haha asking me to buy one then give me 40%........ chat a bit.... ya there is one funny things while chating one china girl about to pay money then she got some shirts she don one she though i am working there also then gave it to me lor walao...haha then i was like telling her sorry i am not working here, she was like so ashamed lor me also la haha.......

Went to the arcade as Zhen Wei wants to play the basketball game and he played
1st Score 599
2nd Score 582
Wow no bad huh!!! Haha…
Oh on now feel like playing also how? Haha KJ think of this newurbanmale t-shirt crocodile shorts don play, save up!!!! LOL

Walking to take MRT saw a small girl holding to a doll we all thought it was real lor very real doll haha…. Vivo City...........
Take Mrt to Vivo to meet Xi Yun for movie (National Treasure: Book of Secrets)
Haha while watching the movie there is one guy very what cause is like that part of the movie was funny all laugh but his laugh till very funny I mean his laughing! Walao lor haha! Btw the movie was very nice! You guys should watch it! Funny and very adventure....NICE!!! 5stars I think I’ll give it about 4!!! hee

Yong Liang very what because while shopping he keeps reminding me about me no money! Telling me don buy this don buy that! Den told him got sales up to 50% know what he say? You no money don buy!! Haix why never work? Sian lor no job no money! Haix spend too much this month le!!

What is this about “Should cow wear bra????” HUH???

Having dinner at Carl’s Jr should be at Sushi Tei one but too late le about to close haix but donno why Carl’s Jr very late close one!!! Xi Yun ate the “Charbroiled BBQ Chicken” Zhen Wei “Charbroiled Chicken Club” for Yong Liang and me “Portobello Mushrooms Burger” wow not bad la haha….Walao there is one part must see the photo what you will say: EEE disgusting yucky lor!!! fuck they donno how to clean one lor……..
After eating then bye bye le….. Cause also nothing to shop le….

Charbroiled BBQ Chicken
Charbroiled Chicken Club
Portobello Mushrooms Burger

EEEE Yucks!!!
On the way home in the Mrt saw two Indian lady eating/drinking Fresh "Meshli" (Coconut) in the Mrt oh no OMG lor haha funny…….

Haix never buy anything today thought can buy the Yipun Man undergear don have at Vivo outlet.... haix

Yea I got the ITE course & college I want…. Yea!!!
(Electrical Technology) College East – Simei….
Donno who got choose this course same as me???

Hmm donno others got what????
I only know all this people one!!!!

Jeric, Jia Jie, Cresentia, Gordon, Theng Theng, Bing Zhong, ..…..Chemical Process Technology
Choon Hua, Nick…………Service Skills (Retail)
Shikin, Azreen………… Service Skills (Tourism)
Esther, Yong Liang…………….Digital Media Design
Gerald………….Automotive Technology

A lot friends going for the ITE interview tomorrow haix…. Sian….
Wish them all the best & hope they all will pass!!!

Jia Jie say he will be promote to supervisor in Haagen Dazs in January wow
Donno izzit real or not…. Haha!!!