Sentosa outing

Nothing to comment about this outing!!!
Only can say is lots more fun than that day!!!
Sorry can't upload the photo!!!
Gay chatting!!! LOls
btw me was like last week everyday outing interview everyday going out de lor!!! haix!!!
this week i scare also like that damn tried d lor!!! last week only thurs stay at home only!!!

31/03 mon, outing!!!
01/04 tue, picnics outing!!!
02/04 wed, outing, interview!!!
03/04 thurs, stay home!!!
04/04 fri, outing & interview!!!
05/04 sat,sentosa outing!!!
06/04 sun, family outing!!!
07/04 mon interview & outing!!!
08/04 tue, stay home!!!
09/04 wed, outing!!!
10/04 thurs, OJT!!!
11/04 fri, donno yet!!!
12/04 sat, donno yet!!!
13/04 sun, end of holidays!!!
14/04 mon, SCHOOL START again!!!

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